TPGK exploring various ways to monetize the alleged gas production

23-24 June the eleventh international conference “Methanol 2016” was held, in which “Inversion” took part in order to research  different ways to monetize gas intended for production at the Intinskiy and  Kozhimskiy gas condensate fields, in particular with a view study of the question on production of methanol.

The conference discussed the state and prospects of Russian and global methanol markets, changes in margins Russian producers due to changes in market conditions. It was assessed progress in the implementation of the announced projects in the production and processing of methanol, the development of export infrastructure and logistics, as well as the development of end-uses, and the possibility of other areas of the methanol used in Russia.

As reported at the conference “Methanol 2016” CFO “Inversion” Igor Gorshunov, estimated volumes of natural gas production are valued between 1 and 3 billion m3 per year. On Intinskiy field construction of exploration well number 24 soon will end. The organization of small-tonnage methanol production  help to increase margins, while direct sales of natural gas less profitable. A specific decision on the production of methanol will be taken as further study.