Timano-Pechorskaya Gasovaya Kompaniya participation results in SPIEF’17

The main event of the SPIEF’17 for Timano-Pechorskayaa Gasovaya Kompaniya (TPGK) was signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the Government of the Komi Republic. The document consolidates the agreements of the parties on cooperation, directed to the implementation of the TPGK investment project in the Intinskiy district. The project, the implementation of which is impossible without serious international co-financing so close to the start. TPGK, with the support of the Government of the Komi Republic are negotiating to attract a strategic investor. In this direction, a serious reserve has been created. – TPGK expresses gratitude to Sergey Anatolyevich Gaplikov for active position and due attention to the project, attraction of a highly professional team of specialists. With their help, in a short time, we were able to start negotiations with one of the largest investment companies in Asia, – said Chairman of TPGK BoD Igor Miletenko. The implementation of this project will create a unique high-tech export-oriented production complex for Russia, which will ensure the extraction and deep processing of natural gas and gas condensate in the Intinskiy district of the Komi Republic. Within the framework of the forum TPGK and MC “Inversion” held a number of important meetings with their partners. Representatives of Shell and TPGK discussed further plans for possible cooperation in the field of geological exploration in the Vorkuta district of the Komi Republic.