Timano-Pechorskaya Gasovaya Kompaniya – North heritage!

20-21 August Syktyvkar TPGK participated in the exhibition of achievements and capabilities, dedicated to the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the Komi Republic.


The exhibition, timed to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Komi Republic, took place in Syktyvkar on the ground of mall center “June” on 20-21 August under the support of the Government of the region. Organizer – The Chamber of Commerce of the Komi Republic, the coordinator – the Ministry of Economy of the Komi Republic.

More than 70 companies – exhibitors demonstrated their achievements and opportunities in different sectors. TPGK showed its plans and prospects of development.

Today TPGK is working on testing facilities in the exploration well number 24 –  Intinskaya. According to the results of tests revaluation reserves of Inta gas field will be held in 2017.

In the winter season 2016-2017 the well number 1 Levogrubeyyuskaya will tested.  As a result of the test is planned to open Levogrubeyyuskiy field and to put reserves on a state balance.

Wire processing and interpretation of seismic survey CMP-3D by Inta-Kozhimskiy zone and Levogrubeyyuskiy license area. As a result of these works will be updated geological and tectonic structure of the territories, outlined further plans to conduct prospecting and exploration.

In the winter field season 2016-2017 planned seismic survey CMP-2D on Parmayuskiy, Ankudinskiy and Grubeyuskiy license areas in the amount of 605 linear km. This work will allow to clarify the structure of the territory and to identify the search objects for further study and preparation for deep drilling.

Intinskiy and Kozhimskiy license areas are located in close proximity to each other. This enables the implementation of a single system of additional exploration license areas and unified circuit arrangement of the two fields, including the creation on their basis of a single raw material gas producing company – Inta GFC.

Generated complex will include:

– Producing wells;

– Fluid collection system;

– Headworks for centralized processing of the extracted hydrocarbons into marketable products;

– Commercial gas pipeline that connects to the system of main gas pipelines “Bovanenkovo – Ukhta»;

– Infrastructure.

The exhibition took place on the concert program, contests, tastings and workshops. At the end of the exhibition, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Komi Republic – Alex G. Starcev  and Minister of Economy of the Komi Republic Vladimir V. Barmashov handed to all participants of the exhibition “Diplomas of participants of the exhibition of achievements of the national economy and the capacity of the Komi Republic.”