The Expert Council reviewed seismic exploration plans for 2017 -2018

On the agenda, the Expert Council reviewed the results of “СGG Vostok” work on the processing and interpretation of seismic data of MOGT-3D and 2D on Levogrubeyuskaya square. Among the five most promising, according to company experts, two of them are the most optimal for further testing, in terms of geological and other risks.

During the meeting, the main geologist of the Criminal Code “Inversia” Peter Priymak presented plans for seismic exploration for 2017 and 2018. In turn, Sergey Ptetsov, the main scientific consultant of PetroTreys, Vice President of EAGO, spoke about the features and experience of 3D seismic survey in the northeast territories of the Timano-Pechorskiy region, stressing the importance of a rational approach to the formation of TK, taking into account the thrust tectonics of Polar Urals and carbonate reservoirs from cavernous-fractured reservoirs with anomalously low porosity.

Summing up the discussion, the Council adopted the announced plans for seismic exploration for 2017 and 2018 and decided to consider the possibility and need to clarify the terms of reference for the processing and interpretation of seismic data on the Intinsko-Kojimskaya area, as well as for additional core research of the old well stock.


The Levogrubeyuskaya license area is located within the Intinskiy district of the Komi Republic, 49 km to the north-east from the administrative center of the Inta city.

 In 2008-2009, «SEVERGEOFIZIKA» OJSC performed seismic survey of the MOGT-2D in the volume of 114 linear km, and also reworked and reinterpreted 2D seismic data from previous years in the volume of 692 linear km.. The density of seismic surveys of MOGT-2D was 1.2 linear km / km².

Levogrubeyukaya I and Kochmesnyurskaya structures have been prepared for drilling at the Levogrubeyuskayalicense area. Grubeyuskaya, Levogrubeyuskaya II, Yidzhidnyurskaya, Lesnaya, Central and Badyavozhskaya structures were identified. In the 2015-2016 season, «SEVERGEOFIZIKA» OJSC carried out field seismic operations of MOGT-3D in the volume of 150 km². Processing and interpretation of the received data is conducted. The drilling of the exploratory well No. 1 was started on the Levogrubeyuskaya I structure.