The Expert Council of the “Inversion” has approved plans for seismic surveys TPGK for 2016-2017

May 8 The Expert Council was held, which was attended by the permanent members.

During the meeting, General Director TPGK Vladimir Danilov and Mikhail Shvetsov company’s Chief Geologist have submitted plans for seismic work on the CDP-2D technique in the 2016-2017 field season.

Vladimir Danilov said that new seismic survey CMP-2D will increase the capitalization of the company’s assets by the transfer of promising (D1) and localized (To) resources in trained resources (D0) in accordance with the new classification. In turn, Mikhail Shvetsov stressed that the planned 2D seismic survey will also help identify new promising sites where in future periods will be posted detailed seismic survey CMP-3D. Given the complex geological structure, the minimum required amount of seismic profiles, providing the solution of geological problems, will be 605 linear km.

During expert hearings there were also presented new and perspective methodologies  of seismic for the possible use on  the TPGK production. Expert Council decided to approve the seismic survey CMP-2D on Parmayuskiy, Ankudinskiy and Grubeyuskiy license areas in the 2016-2017 season in the amount of 605 linear km, as well as to get additional conclusions about new methods of  seismic.