Assets and projects

The company has a large resource potential and intends to effectively implement the investment program. The main strategic goal of "TPGK" is to ensure the growth of hydrocarbon reserves and the subsequent cost-effective production. The company intends to take a leading position among similar specialized enterprises of the Komi Republic, and to become reliable partner for them.

"Khariyaga" Ltd. was founded in April 2000.

The authorized activities of the Company are exploration and production of oil, gas and condensate.

In 2004, it obtained a license for geological exploration for the purpose of exploration and evaluation of hydrocarbon deposits in the five prospective areas in the Krasnoyarskiy Krai.

At the expense of own funds Shushukskiy gas-condensate field was discovered in the Evenk municipal district and Ischuhskiy gas field in Boguchany District, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Over the years, a significant experience in the territory of the south-western part of the Siberian platform is accumulated.

PPM "KAMA" is one of the most high-tech companies in the pulp and paper industry. It was for the first time in Russia that LWC paper production was built.

Production capacity - 85 000 tons of paper per year. This allows to replacing of up to 25% of imports. The first world's paper web for this type of paper is produced on the basis of raw aspen using technology developed and patented by the company's specialists.

The company "TRK" is one of the largest operators in the market of outdoor advertising in Moscow.

A distinctive feature of the company in the field of building work with clients is the openness. TRK has entered the market with an offer of cooperation to all companies, agencies, direct clients.

The company is open to new opportunities for advertising agencies and is confident in the prospects of this project and in the achievement of performance indicators. "TRK" is ready to offer for customers full campaign support, the effectiveness and prestige accommodation.

"Don gold" - one of the largest producers of sunflower oil in the south of Russia. Production capacity for the processing of raw materials: 1 500 tons of sunflower seeds per day.

Main advantages: the location in the resource area (sunflower, rapeseed); availability of own warehouse facilities; developed transport infrastructure; capacities of the enterprise allow to process several cultures at the same time; virtually waste-free production: the availability of boiler by burning the husks, processing plant and the production of stock soap; State support in the form of interest rate subsidies.