On the new well №24 Inta gas field the works on dismantling and demobilization of the drilling rig ZG-50 began

Construction of an exploration well lasted from June 03 to April 6, 2016, the depth of well – 3951 m.

Leader  of the Project  drilling Vadim Mironishin noted that, despite the fact that the drilling was carried out in virtually autonomous conditions, due to lack of maintenance base of drilling contractors in the region, the risks of technological complications are minimized. There has been no accidents, no violations of environmental legislation, which is due to high professionalism of employees of the general contractor JSC “Investgeoservis” as well as the continuous supervision of the Supervising service “MC” Inversion “.

During drilling found numerous absorption zone, indicating the presence of commercial quantities of gas in the context of which it is planned to confirm after tests in the production string. According to the chief geophysicist UK “Inversion” Bogdan Plotnikov, thanks to modern technology 3D-seismic survey, which can effectively conduct hydrocarbon exploration in complex thrusted structures of Ural, reliable seismogeological model was built. Drilling of a new well was laid on the basis of this model.

Drilling Rig ZG-50 Dismantling will continue till May 18, 2016. After that it will be  mobilization of installations for the production of works on vertical seismic profiling and testing of wells. It is planned to test 10 sites.