Meeting of the Board of Directors of “Don gold” has been held

Meeting of the Board of Directors of “Don gold” has been held.

The meeting and the discussion of issues on the agenda was attended by members of the Board of Directors: Sergey  Gilev, Vladimir Grabarnik , Igor Gorshunov, Evgeny Dankevich, Yulia Ignatenko, Olga CarenkoI., and invited: M. Mashanov V, Deputy Director General,  legal Officer of LLC “Management company” Inversion “, S. Babkin L, Advisor to Chairman of the Board of PJSC” Khanty-Mansiyskiy Bank Otkritie. “

The Board decided to elect the Board of Directors Chairman Dankevich Evgeny Leonidovich, Secretary of the Board – Mashanov Michael Vitalievitch. In the course of the agenda has been heard and taken note of the report of General Director of the Company Olga Carenko on the results of the Company’s performance in the season 2015 -2016, it was also presented the business plan of the Company for the season 2016 – 2017 and subsequent seasons. The Board of Directors decided to entrust the Company’s Director General to present a revised business plan for the next Board meeting.