LLC “Khariyaga” prepares for drilling

The development  of Shushukskiy  field continues, perhaps one of the most important discoveries of recent years in Eastern Siberia.

According to the latest estimates recoverable reserves of Shushukskogo deposit amount to 41 million tons of oil. For a more detailed study of the characteristics of Shushukskoy deposits, together with the Krasnoyarsk Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, it has been developed geological project for the construction of the first exploration well, which is currently being coordinated by the state examination.

“Drilling a new well – says the company’s chief geologist Mikhail Chusov – will allow to expand considerably the existing ideas about the geological structure of the field and to go to his pilot commercial operation. Thus, “Khariyaga” successful approaches to the realization of the main strategic goals of the company – to ensure growth of the resource base and the development of Russian oil and gas industry of the Krasnoyarskiy Krai. “

The design depth of the exploration well – 3060 m, the estimated duration of the works – 15 months. The growth expected stocks per 1 m of penetration will be 8.36 thousand/ m.